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August 21, 2008 / technocrawl

Annoying Windows using Batch

Here is a sample batch program that can be used for popping up lots and lots of windows.This prank will opens up many command prompt windows, when the victim clicks on the My Computer icon on the desktop. To play this prank what you want to do is follow the steps given below,…
Open-up a new Notepad Application and type the below command…

Start “Affected by Virus”

Start “Affected by Virus”

Start “Affected by Virus”

Start “Affected by Virus”

Start “Affected by Virus”

and save it in a location other than desktop as a batch file with the .bat extension like ” My computer.bat”. Now right click on the desktop, select new then select Shortcut and browse for My computer.bat, select it and then click next, finally it prompts for the name of the Shortcut, type My computer and hit enter.

The My computer.bat file now seems to be like a shortcut for My computer, and when the victim clicks on this Icon, five command prompt windows with title ” Affected by Virus ” will pops-up.
You can set the pop-up window into hundreds and even more by simply copying and pasting the same code again and again leads to open such number of times you entered. When the victim clicks on that My computer icon, the windows pop-up continuously with the title “Affected by Virus” and he/she will panic that his/her system got infected by Virus. They will simply get frustrated by closing these windows, and some newbies by without knowing the “Close Group” option in Windows they simply close the windows one by one.


Instead of doing the above thing, you can reduce your task by doing this…


@echo off


start “Affected by Virus”

goto annoy



You can also download and use BAT_to_EXE_Convertor to convert your batch file into an executable file.

Start “Affected by Virus”


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  1. chinturj / Nov 10 2008 9:27 am

    By running the .bat the window pops with a msg ‘windows can not find affected. make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.To search for a file, click the start buttonand then click search.

    Is this the expected msg?????? but this shows some mistake in the codes we type.

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