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August 21, 2008 / technocrawl

Change Google logo

you can customize google’s logo by doing the following steps,

logon to
There you can see a input box, that says “Enter your name ==>”
type in your name or according to your wish and click on the button which says “Create my search page”.

Now you can see see the logo created on the page..

Sample snapshot…..

google logo maker

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  1. haribabu123 / Dec 19 2008 9:41 am

    Here is another option.
    Which provide more than 80 styles to change google logo.

    Just open
    Enter your name
    Select the style you want to use.

    And here is your google search engine with your own name.

    Bookmark it and make it you default home page.
    Now every time you open your brower your own search engine will open.
    You can also visit gmail,yahoo,msn,aol from same page from dropdown
    box in upper right side

    You will also like to add it in your blog or website.
    you can also send your url to your friends, and make them surprised.

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