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August 21, 2008 / technocrawl

Changing text in Start Menu

Here is a way that you can use to change the text in the start menu in windows box.

I hope that all of you know that there is a possibility for changing the text in the start menu but only few of them attempt to do this and even most of them fail, and some of them say that, it is possible to replace the text exactly five characters, but the fact here is false, one can replace many number of characters in the start menu.

Before proceeding further, i kindly recommend you all to take a backup of your explorer.exe file which is in the windows folder, in case of any corruption in the explorer.exe file, then the web admin of this site is solely not responsible for you Inactivity.
Follow the below given steps to change the text in the start menu…..,

1. To edit the text in the start menu, first of all you need to download and install the software named “Resource Hacker”.

2. Once you have installed the resource Hacker, go to file menu and open the explorer.exe file which is located at Windows Folder in the C drive.

3. There you will see a tree with nodes such as Bitmap, Icon, Menu, Dialog, String Table, Accelerators, Icon Group, Version Info, 24 and 240.

4. From that tree, double click on the node named ” String Table “, then you will see nodes like 19,20,32 and so on….

5. There you need to double click on the node named 37, then the tree will expand, again click on the sub node or child node named 1033.

6. There you are able to see something called “String Table” at the Right pane of the window.

7. There you will find the number 578, and just look aside of it, you will see the text named “start”.

8. What you want to do now is just enter your name or what ever the text you wish to be on the start menu, replace the text instead of start and keep the quotes as it is.

9. Then click on the compile script button at the top.

10. Then click on the file menu, then select save as, and name the folder with your convienience and save it in the windows folder. Don’t save the file, if so then the normal explorer.exe file will be corrupted, so you need to click on the save as option inorder to save this file.

11. Then move to the registry editor and move to the path giv
en below,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WIn Logon

At the right pane of the registry you will find the string named “Shell” , double click on it and change its value as same as the name e\which you gave to the file which you saved in the windows folder.

12. Now logoff your computer and re-logon, now you can find the text on the start menu, as you customized it.

13. If you want your default start menu, just move to the above registry path and edit the string “Shell” and change its value to “explorer.exe”.

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