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August 21, 2008 / technocrawl

Fatal Error using VBScript

Here is trick to trap newbies using VBscript

Display Fatal Error when unsuspected users clicks on the Internet explorer, this is a pretty quite prank using the VBScript, to play this prank, you need to open a new Notepad application and type the below code,…

Msgbox(” Fatal Error “)
Msgbox(” Virus Found “)
Msgbox(” Formatting Harddisk “)
Msgbox(” Results in Data loss “)

Now save the file with the extension .vbs, which actaully is a VBScript file.
Save it in any other location other than the desktop, then right click on the desktop and select new then shortcut, then browse for the newly saved (.vbs) VBscript file and click on ok, then it prompts you to enter the name of the file, type the name as Internet explorer and hit ok, then you need to change the Icon which looks like Internet explorer.

when you click on this icon, it will simply displays the error message ” Fatal Error “,
” Virus Found ” ,
” Formatting Harddisk “, and
” Results in Data loss “, so when the unsuspected users clicks on this Innocent Internet explorer icon, then this message will be displayed, and he/she will be helpless while tries to byepass or close this window, when you just copy and past thousand times, it just pops -up 1000 windows one by one.

The only way to close this hold CTRL + ALT + DEL, and move to the task manager, and there you will see a process called “Wscript.exe“, just highlight it and and kill its process by clicking on the End process button.

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