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August 21, 2008 / technocrawl

Run line and DOS commands

Hey guys,

Here is a lots and lots of run line and DOS commands, that i found in win32 XP, hope this will be useful for newbies to explore them and have fun.

cliconfg – SQL Server Client Network utility
dcomcnfg – Components and services
diantz – Cabinet maker, compressor
esentutl – Maintenance utilities for Microsoft(R) Windows databases
eventcreate – Used to create a custom event i application and system logs. Custom events cannot be written to the security log
eventtriggers – Creates a new event trigger that monitors and acts upon the occurrence of log events of given criteria
exe2bin – Converts exe to binary, but not supported now a days.
expand – Extracts a file from a compressed file. Use this command to extract a driver file from a cabinet (.cab) or compressed file.
fc – Compares two files or sets of files and displays the differences between them.
findstr – Searches for strings in files.
lodctr – Updates Performance Monitor counter names and explain text for an extensible counter. very useful in logging.
logman – Very useful in logging events and cutom create log events.
magnify – Magnifier
makecab – Cabinet Maker, file compressor.
mqbkup – Message Queue Backup\Restore Utility
openfiles – used to view Files Opened Remotely via local share points
pentnt – Checks for Floating point error in Intel based processors
powercfg – Power configuration utility
proxycfg – Proxy configuration
qappsrv – Displays the available application terminal servers on the network.
qprocess – Displays information about processes
qwinsta – Display information about Terminal Sessions
rasdial – Checks for network connectivity
rasphone – Used to create a netwrok Connection
rcp – Copies files to and from computer running the RCP service
recover – Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk.
relog – Used for Logging.
replace – Replaces files
rexec – Runs commands on remote hosts running the REXEC service
route – Manipulates network routing tables
rsh – Runs commands on remote hosts running the RSH service
rsm – Manages media resources using Removable Storage
runas – Allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user’s current logon provides.
rwinsta – Reset the session subsytem hardware and software to known initial values
sc – Communicates with the service controller and installed services.
schtasks – Replaced with at.
setver – Sets the version number that MS-DOS reports to a program
shadow – Helps in remote connection & network used to monitor another Terminal Services session
shrpubw – Shared Folder Wizard
sndvol32 – Volume Control
sysedit – Windows.ini, system.ini, config.sys, autoexec.bat
tftp – Transfers files to and from a remote computer running the TFTP service
tlntadmn – Telnet Administration. used to start, stop, and send msg to a terminal session connected to via telnet.
tscon – Attaches a user session to a terminal session.
tsdiscon – Disconnects a session from a terminal server.
tskill – Ends a process. even can terminate a process running on a remote session.
tsshutdn – shutdown in 60 sec
typeperf – Very useful in loggin events. used to monitor Processor threads and writes into a specified log file.
userinit – My Documents
verifier – Driver Verifier
w32tm – A tool used to diagnose problems occuring with Windows Time. register to run as a service and add default configuration to the registry
winmsd – System Information.
lusrmgr.msc – Local Users and Groups
ntmsmgr.msc – Info about all the removable storage connected with the box.
rsop.msc – Resultant Set of Policy
ciadv.msc – Indexging Service.
wmimgmt.msc – Manages the Network Infrastructure, also allows to connect to another computer on the same network.
access.cpl – Acessibility options
hdwwiz.cpl – Add New Hardware Wizard
intl.cpl – Regional Language and settings
joy.cpl – Game Controllers
main.cpl – Mouse configuration settings
mmsys.cpl – Sound and Audio device settings
ncpa.cpl – Network connections
netsetup.cpl – Netwrok Setup Wizard
nusrmgr.cpl – user Accounts
odbccp32.cpl – ODBC Data source Administrator
rtsndmgr.cpl – realtek Sound Manager
sysdm.cpl – System properties
telephon.cpl – location information
timedate.cpl – Time and Date comfiguration
wscui.cpl – Windows Security Center.
wuaucpl.cpl – Automatic updates
powercfg.cpl – Power Configuration
mofcomp – Microsoft Compiler

Have fun………


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