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August 22, 2008 / technocrawl

Set a Folder background in Xp

Here is trick where you can set a background in your folder, which works on Win32 boxes.

1. Create a Folder
2. Open up a notepad file and type or copy and paste the following code,

iconarea_image=Type the Location where the Image exists

3. Type the exact location of the image file in the place where it is mentioned as “Type the Location where the Image exists”, such as


4. Now save this text file as desktop.ini on the folder where you want the background.

5. Now you have to make the folder set to system file attribute, only then this trick will work, you can do this by opening up a command prompt and type the below command,

attrib +s “C:\Folder Location”

In my box, i have used the command like this….

attrib +s “C:\Documents and Settings\cybercrawler1\My Documents\sample”

6. Just go the folder and refresh, now you can view the background on the folder.

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