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August 25, 2008 / technocrawl

Crawlers Memory Optimizer

Here is a small piece of useful Batch code, that makes you get rid of all the craps on your computer like, Temporary files, Temporary Internet files, Prefetch, Cookies…

1. Open up a notepad.

2. Copy and paste the following code.

@echo off
rem ######### Crawlers Optimizer #########
color 0a
cd C:\WINDOWS\Temp
echo Y|del *.*
echo Y|del *.*
cd C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
echo Y|del *.pf
cd C:\Documents and Settings\cybercrawler1\Cookies
echo Y|del *.txt

3. Save it with the extension .bat.

4. Execute the file.

5. Once you execute this file, then it will automatically remove all the temporary files which are unnecessary.

6. You can make this much effective by putting this file in the start-up folder, so that each time you computer boots up, it will automatically cleans up the temporary files from your computer.

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