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September 5, 2008 / technocrawl

Google Chrome


Google for the very first time has introduced its new web browser ‘CHROME’, beta version released on 3-sep-2008.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome

It can be available for free download from the source website:


Downloads were also available for Mac and other unix based OS.

Google Chrome is an open source web browser and was named as Chrome since the project started with the name ‘Chromium’.

Here are the few great features of google Chrome,

Black Filtering :

             Chrome automatically detects the fradulent, phishing and other reported malware spreading websites and will warn users, if they are about to view such websites.       


            Chromes comes along with sandbox, where security comes in role, this completely prevents the malwares getting installed by itself without user knowledge.             

Incognito  :

            Here is an option named ‘Incognito’, where used can browse safely without storing history and cookies getting downloaded.

speed :

            Google’s benchmark results show that chrome is 42.6 times faster then IE7 and 9.7 times than firefox 3.

Chrome is using opensource webkit as rendering engine and has its own javascript virtual machine called “V8” for running script faster.


Within 48 hours of time of its launch, Google Chrome takes 1% of browser market. So far IE has 70%, firefox 22% and Apple’s Safari has 7% market share.

Its worthy switching over to Chrome, since its trustworthy computing makes safe from intruders since it already has crossed ACID1 and ACID2 tests and also is faster than other browsers.

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