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September 15, 2008 / technocrawl

Yahoo – Hack a day request for Hackers ( YOS )

YOS ( yahoo Open Strategy )

yahoo is going to allow hackers to access yahoo Website source codes for improving their Security, its said that this wont only be the security test but a complete reconstruction of Yahoo. Yahoo going to be open source.

However, it remains to be seen whether Yahoo will be able to put in place all the components of YOS quickly enough before end users and developers write off the struggling Internet giant as irrelevant.

Since April, Yahoo has made incremental announcements for YOS, and on Friday, as it opens its Open Hack Day event for external developers, it will give participants a peek at some new YOS components.

These include the YOS application platform and a preview of social APIs (application programming interfaces) that will let programs access end user data. The platform and APIs will be available only in preview mode during the event. They will be publicly released in the coming months, according to Yahoo.Innovating outside the box is how hackers do business and Yahoo is counting on that with its Open Hack Day 2008.



Move on to

Hackers that made the cut will be treated to plenty of free food and beverages, and access to some of Yahoo’s upcoming APIs for building out social applications. This is the latest effort related to Yahoo’s Open Strategy (YOS), according to CNET.

Yahoo will call Open Hack Day a success if it produces developers happy with the company and feedback about the interfaces, said Chris Yeh, head of the Yahoo Developer Network. But there’s something in it for Yahoo, too: a breath of fresh air. “Big companies do become insular at times…We do everything we can to try to avoid that.”

You can Form your own team and start exploring yahoo to rebuild it.


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