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November 1, 2008 / technocrawl

How To Block Websties Without Thirdparty tools

Use this Trick to deny access or block access to websites without using any third party tools or
softwares, Just do the following…
[NOTE] –  Applies only for windows boxes.

1. We have already discussed about DNS Spoofing in the General Hacking Discussion, this works just
by tricking the hosts file found in the location ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts’.
2. Open the Host file using a Notepad.
3. You will see something like this,

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
# For example:
#          # source server
#              # x client host       localhost

4. Say if you want to block access to, after opening the hosts file, Just below the
line which says ‘       localhost‘, add a line like this,

5. So when someone tries to access, they will be directed to the localhost \\,
and you can configure this with a warning message or what ever you wish.

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